Concentric Reducer Sch 10 A-304L

Concentric reducer with welding connection for SCH 10 pipe. Made of A-304L stainless steel in accordance with ASTM A403 and with dimensions in accordance with B16.9-2012. Model S24014 (Figure 240) is suitable for application in chemical, petrochemical, natural gas, food and industrial environments with corrosive media and extreme temperatures. It withstands a pressure and temperature rating in accordance with ANSI/ASME B31.1-3. The reducer is ideal for fluid handling, boilers, condensers, heat exchangers and reactors. The wide range of MT stainless steel fittings for welding are suitable for quality pipe manufactured to ASTM A312 and with dimensions in accordance with ANSI/ASME B36.19M. MT Industrial Division products are high-quality stainless steel parts, specifically designed for industrial contexts. The entire range is manufactured under strict quality parameters and complies with the highest certifications in fluid handling.

ReferenceMeasuresWeight (KG)Small / Large box
S24014020015Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 3/4”x1/2”0.061 / 300
S24014025015Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 1”x1/2”0.121 / 300
S24014025020Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 1”x3/4”0.131 / 300
S24014032020Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 11/4”x3/4”0.171 / 200
S24014032025Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 11/4”x1”0.161 / 150
S24014040020Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 11/2”x3/4”0.241 / 150
S24014040025Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 11/2”x1”0.241 / 150
S24014040032Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 11/2”x11/4”0.231 / 150
S24014050020Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 2”x3/4”0.361 / 100
S24014050025Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 2”x1”0.351 / 100
S24014050032Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 2”x11/4”0.351 / 100
S24014050040Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 2”x11/2”0.341 / 100
S24014065025Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 21/2”x1”0.511 / 1
S24014065032Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 21/2”x11/4”0.511 / 1
S24014065040Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 21/2”x11/2”0.491 / 50
S24014065050Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 21/2”x2”0.481 / 50
S24014080040Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 3”x11/2”0.651 / 50
S24014080050Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 3”x2”0.611 / 50
S24014080065Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 3”x2 1/2”0.591 / 30
S24014100050Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 4”x2”0.921 / 30
S24014100065Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 4”x21/2”0.841 / 30
S24014100080Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 4”x3”0.921 / 24
S24014125080Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 5”x3”1.621 / 10
S24014125100Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 5”x4”1.621 / 10
S24014150100Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 6”x4”2.141 / 8
S24014150125Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 6”x5”2.061 / 6
S24014200100Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 8”x4”3.621 / 1
S24014200125Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 8”x5”3.451 / 1
S24014200150Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 8”x6”3.451 / 1
S24014250200Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 10”x8”5.531 / 1
S24014300250Concentric reducer sch10 a-304l 12x10”8.411 / 1
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