Want to discover what the new MT Valves & Fittings catalog looks like?

Of the more than 4,000 references accumulated by MT Valves & Fittings, there is one that is our essential ‘tool’. We are talking about one that contains them all, perfectly ordered and with a new design: the 2023 catalog.

We are launching the 2023 edition of the MT Valves & Fittings product catalog and, in line with the new website, we are doing so with a new format and design that aims to be more intuitive, making it easier to search for products and find information.

In this version, we have introduced a new way to classify, sort and display the products. The objective is to contain in the same support all the relevant information of our products and that this information is easy to understand and accessible.

Among the most relevant new features you will find a QR access to all the information for those who want to expand details directly from mobile and tablet as these codes link to the product data sheets, also downloadable from the product page of the website.

As in previous editions, the catalog is now available online, downloadable in pdf (with access and shortcuts to facilitate reading and searching) and on paper. To request a printed copy, just fill in a short form and we will send it to you.

As additional information of interest to our distributors, on the website you will also find an access to download the prices in XLS format, upon request of contact details.

We invite you to discover the new MT Valves & Fittings catalog where you will find all MT references, under a new structure by categories and raw materials. All of them, of course, by families and filled in with images, specifications and corresponding certificates.

Check it here: https://mtspain.net/en/catalogue/

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